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Anyone with information about Gamma Club get-togethers, whether they be mini reunions, golf tournaments  -  please let us know and we can include it here on the website. Photographs too are very welcome, as long as permission has been given to include them in the photo gallery.

2019 -  Gamma Club Member Alex Dougall: Forthcoming Publication of Piobaireachd.

At our recent 45 Year Reunion in May 2019, as we remembered those members no longer with us, Alex Dougall played a haunting piobaireachd that he had composed. A very poignant and fitting tribute to colleagues no longer with us. Alex plans to have the score published (and a professional musician recording it) later this year. Alex feels that his Piobaireachd is OURS  -  in a special way forever associated with the Gamma Club,  -  so when published, he will post it to the website for all of us to listen to and appreciate. A real honour for us as a Club and a lovely gesture from Alex.

2019 -  Sad News

Some sad news. We learned recently that two of our Gamma Club colleagues, Frank Green and David Morgan, had died. They are both remembered fondly within the year. Our thoughts are with their families and with those particular friends and colleagues from within the Gamma Club, at this sad time.

2018/2019 -  Gamma Club Member Anne Pettigrew: Book Publication

Anne Pettigrew (nee Smith) has throughout her medical career had an interest in writing and in that time had many publications printed in medical journals and local and national newspapers. Since retiral she has fulfilled a long-held ambition to write a novel. In December 2018 her debut novel Not the Life Imagined was accepted for publication and came into print. A fictional story, it relates to a time when we were studying at University and going on to work as junior doctors in the NHS and will bring back fond (and some not so fond!) memories of that time.

For your information the synopsis of the book as it appears on the Amazon website is appended here below.

Title: Not The Life Imagined. Author: Anne Pettigrew.

A darkly humorous, thought-provoking story of Scottish medical students in the sixties, a time of changing social and sexual mores. None of the teenagers starting at Glasgow University in 1967 live the life they imagine.

Beth Slater is shocked at how few female medical students there are and that some people, such as Conor Towmey, think they shouldn't be there at all. Devastated by a close friend's suicide, Beth uncovers a revealing diary and vows to find the person responsible for her death. Struggling with the pressure of exams while supporting friends through disasters, Beth charts the students' changing, often stormy, relationships over two decades in a contemporary backdrop of Free Love, the Ibrox Football Disaster, the emergence of HIV, and DNA forensics. In time, indiscretions surface with dire consequences for some.

In "Not the Life Imagined", retired medic Anne Pettigrew has written a tale of ambition and prejudice laced with sharp observations, irony and powerful perceptions that provide a humorous and compelling insight into the complex dynamics of the NHS fifty years ago.

So why not treat yourself to a copy? The book is available from Amazon, Waterstones and Ringwood Publishers in E-book and paperback format. A proportion of the book sale proceeds is going to Plan International UK, a charity dedicated to advancing children's rights and equality for girls all over the world.

2019 - Gamma Club 1968-74: 45 Year Reunion - Date and Venue now selected!

As promised our 45 Year Gamma Club Reunion has been arranged.
We have selected Dunkeld House Hotel in Perthshire as the venue, and the 10-12th May as the date for our 45 Year Reunion celebration weekend.
For further information on the hotel, surrounding area, costs and booking process, please visit the Reunion page or email us at
***Rooms are filling fast so don't delay too long in making your reservation!***

2018 - Breaking News! Gamma Girls 50 Year Anniversary Dinner 2018

It will be 50 Years ago this October, when, full of excitement and perhaps also a little bit of apprehension, we lined up in Glasgow University to matriculate and begin our medical studies. A memorable day indeed and one that is worth celebrating.
We are fortunate, therefore, that Cathy Flavahan has once again taken on the challenge and is currently busy organising a Dinner and Tour of the University to celebrate this Golden Anniversary. Further information will follow when plans are finalised.

2017 -  Gamma Girls Reunion 2017

The annual Gamma Girls Reunion took place in Keswick this year and proved a very popular venue. Log fires, lovely meals and good company - what's not to like! The weather on Saturday could have been better, but it didn't stop us getting out and about. Some of the group walked round Derwentwater, whilst a few others enjoyed a hillwalk up Cat Bells. The view from the summit was breathtaking. The paddle through flood water at the bottom end of Derwentwater on the return journey to the hotel was unexpected, but added to the fun of the day.
Thanks to Cathy Flavahan for setting up the event, and to Joyce Barclay for organising the walks.

2016 -  Gamma Girls Reunion 2016

This Gamma Girls Get-Together was held in Edinburgh - a break from our traditional venue in the Crutherland Hotel. The turn-out was excellent, and we enjoyed walking round Edinburgh, and seeing some of the historic sights of the Old and the New Town areas. The opportunity to chat with old friends, and reminisce about shared memories over some lovely meals was, as ever, a real joy.
Once again a huge thank you to Cathy Flavahan for organising the weekend.

2014 -  Gamma Club 40 Year Reunion 2014 -  Date and Venue now selected!

After a lot of research, the Gamma Club Reunion Committee have finally selected a fantastic location - The Old Course Hotel in St Andrews - as the venue, and the 25th-27th April 2014 as the date for our 40th Year Reunion. For further information on the hotel, surrounding area, costs and booking process, please visit the Reunion page or email us at
***Rooms are filling fast so don't delay too long in making your reservation!***

2013  -  Gamma Girls Reunion 2013

Following the successful weekend reunion and very positive reports from everyone who attended last year, a repeat Gamma Girls Reunion at the Crutherland Hotel in East Kilbride took place in February this year.
Together with most of those who attended last year, we were delighted to welcome some newcomers to this year's event. As well as the opportunity of catching up with old friends, we enjoyed some memorable meals, not to mention the relaxing pampering treatments in the hotel spa.
We loved, by the way, the fact that in the spa we are known and referred to as the Glamour Girls and are considering renaming our group "The Gamma Glamour Girls"!!
Everyone had a lovely weekend and further events are planned. A big thank you to Cathy Flavahan, who organised and coordinated the weekend.

Sponsored London Marathon Run in Memory of Christine Roxburgh (neé Ramsay)

Congratulations to Alison Roxburgh who was running in the London Marathon in memory of her mother Christine, who sadly died in June 2012.
Alison completed the marathon in the fantastic time of 5 hours and 16 minutes and raised the Grand Total - including Gift Aid - of £7,623.50 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Of this sum raised, £1.432.50 was donated by Gamma Club Members.
This was a superb way of commemorating Christine and our warmest congratulations go to Alison, who should be very proud of her achievement. Her mother certainly would have been.
Alison's online sponsorship page is still open and taking donations for this worthy cause.

[Read an obituary for Christine.]

Gamma Girls Mini Reunion 2012

In February 2012 a group of Gamma Girls (Gamma Club 1968-74) got together for a mini reunion at The Crutherland House Hotel in East Kilbride. We had not had a full reunion since 2004 and although a small group meet regularly in Glasgow, most of us are scattered throughout various 'airts and pairts' and had not had the opportunity of catching up since then. A mini reunion allowed us to do this and to enjoy a little bit of pampering at the same time.

Twenty-four of us attended the weekend. We had a spa day with individual treatments and on the Saturday evening we had a private dinner. Everyone had a lovely weekend and it has been suggested that it becomes an annual event. We may be joined by even more Gamma Girls next time.
Cathy Flavahan

photo (1) taken at the Gamma Girls Mini Reunion 2012 picture (2) taken at the Gamma Girls Mini Reunion 2012 picture (3) taken at the Gamma Girls Mini Reunion 2012 picture (4) taken at the Gamma Girls Mini Reunion 2012

(Click the photos to enlarge.)

Have a look at some more of the photos taken at the event in the photo gallery.

2004 Gamma Club Reunion

The 30th reunion of the Gamma Club, organised and hosted by Damian Scullion, was held in the Holiday Inn (formerly the Albany Hotel) in Bothwell Street, where the Final Year dinner was held. There was a well-attended private dinner, followed by a 60's Disco. It proved a very successful event and provided a chance to catch up with friends and former colleagues.

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